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Website Design & Development

As a professional website design & development company located in Bangkok, Thailand we strive to be different from a lot of the local competitors. We do this by delivering projects on time, building browser-wide compatible websites using open source content management systems.

Observing web design in Thailand is very amusing at times to say the least. The lack of care and foresight shown by other website designers of even the biggest companies here in Bangkok is comical. Being primarily an SEO company, Marketing Bangkok has been providing website design and development services to businesses since day 1. This is because there is a genuine need for decent web design companies in Bangkok that follow international standards and can provide quality work that is delivered on time.

Our websites are fully optimized for search engines, making them easier for your potential customers to find. This is the most important aspect of a website and yet few designers have any awareness of the techniques that are needed to achieve effective SEO. We, however, do. We're not the least expensive - or the most expensive either - but we do a very good job!

There are many reasons why Marketing Bangkok is the best choice,

  • Unique Graphic Design - After meeting with you, we will draft up your ideas into practical website layout designs.
  • Content Management Systems - We build our sites on the hugely popular, easy to use, open source CMS Drupal. With this you can edit and manage your website by yourself.
  • Onsite Search Engine Optimization - We build our sites with SEO in mind from the ground up. This leaves you with a site that is already highly optimized ready for any SEO campaign.
  • Reliable & On Time! - We make practical schedules and keep to it.

Custom Graphic Design

Our websites are custom designed to our clients own specifications with sometimes our own recommendations and input based upon our years of experience in the web design field. We provide multiple revisions until our clients are satisfied with the end result.

Responsive Web Design

We build websites that adjust dynamically to the device which is being used to view our client’s websites. With sometimes more than 30% total web traffic coming in from mobile devices; it is essential that websites can function well on these devices.

Drupal Content Management System

We build our websites on Drupal, a powerful popular open source content management system (CMS). Drupal allows us to build powerful websites that are then easily manageable by our clients. Harvard, Stanford, MIT, The Whitehouse NASA, Nike are just some websites powered by Drupal.

Custom Functionality & Features - eCommerce, Booking

We offer our clients the ability to have powerful customized functionality websites at a reasonable cost. Our portfolio of projects is vast and includes highly functional websites for many major brands and local businesses.

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