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Working with all major social media platforms for over 10 years, Marketing Bangkok can help you reach your social media marketing objectives!
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Social Media Marketing Bangkok, Thailand

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What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing offers a chance to reach potential customers based on their demographics, locations, and interests. Unlike other channels such as SEO and Google Ads, where it’s possible to target potential customers based on what they’re searching for, social media offers detailed information about their users, which allows us to target users who are most likely to convert into a lead and a paying customer.

Marketing Bangkok provides services on three major social media networks:

Why should you hire Marketing Bangkok to manage your social media marketing?

Since 2009 we have been managing, optimizing, and creating content for our clients’ social media pages. We have managed the social media accounts and campaigns for many local businesses as well as for large multinational companies like AIG. You can see some of our social media work in the “Our Work” section of this website. Our company can provide social media marketing services in both English and Thai, and we have experience running ad campaigns in other languages as well. We can also synchronize campaigns across multiple social media platforms and other online marketing channels.

What Social Media Services Marketing Bangkok Offers
Content Creation & Post Management

Our team of creative graphic designers and content creators develop engaging content to post on our clients’ social media accounts. This content is used to engage users and advertise your products or services. We have developed content for some of the biggest brands and companies in the world, as well as for small local businesses, giving them a tremendous edge above the competition.

Content Creation
Ad Development & Management

Social media platforms make their money from the ads their users run; long gone are the days of free organic traffic. Without strategic management from an experienced online marketing team, money can be easily wasted and poor results achieved. Marketing Bangkok develops, manages, and optimizes the advertising campaigns across social media platforms with key goals in mind, in English and Thai.

Social Media Ad Management
User Engagement, Competitions & Giveaways

With our experience in web development, our team can develop applications to be used on social media platforms. We have developed many applications to run competitions and giveaways and to encourage user engagement on social media.

Social Media Competitions & Giveaways

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Social Media Marketing FAQ

Why should we hire an agency to manage our social media marketing?

Some companies may opt to run their own social media marketing campaigns internally, and while they may succeed, hiring an agency like Marketing Bangkok has many advantages. Our experienced team consists of graphic designers, content creators, advertising specialists, and developers. We have worked on campaigns for a number of businesses across various industries and countries. To replicate the work that Marketing Bangkok is able to do, you simply cannot hire one or two people. There are many factors that go into running a successful campaign, and working with Marketing Bangkok is not only more affordable, but can also deliver much better results.