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Sit back, relax, and let Marketing Bangkok take care of your website. We manage, maintain, update, and provide support to clients’ websites who use Drupal or Wordpress CMS platforms.

Website Maintenance & Support

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Website Support and Management Services

Have a website that needs taking care of? Marketing Bangkok has a team of full-time designers and developers that can help you manage, update, and maintain your websites. Our team acts as your very own webmaster support team, working with you and your team to ensure necessary changes and updates can be made, which can help improve the conversion of website traffic into additional business. We also help maintain website security on platforms like Drupal or Wordpress by installing the latest security updates and monitoring for any suspicious activities.

Services provided
  • Creation of new pages
  • Updating and management of existing pages
  • User support
  • Expand website functionality
  • Website security updates
  • Website bug and error fixes
  • Website monitoring
  • Website backups
  • Help with on-site SEO optimization

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Website Maintenance & Support FAQ

Why do we need maintenance for our website?

While your website may be secure today, without regular updates, in the future it may become insecure and vulnerable to viruses, malware, and hacking. Marketing Bangkok helps to prevent this by applying the latest security updates and scanning for any security compromises on your website. In the worst-case scenario, Marketing Bangkok can restore your website from backups that are kept off-site.

Which types of websites can you support?

In most cases, we can only support your website if it using an open-source content management system like Drupal or WordPress. If you are unsure of what system your website is using, please contact us, and our team will review. We not only support English and Thai websites, but we can help to support your website if it is in another language also. We manage client websites of many different languages.