Think Twice Before Hiring That "Cheap" Online SEO Company

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Think Twice Before Hiring That Cheap Online SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization is a constantly evolving industry and while search engine ranking algorithms get smarter, SEO gets harder, therefore choosing the right SEO company is essential. The sole purpose for search engines is to return the most accurate results and rankings when a user searches for different keywords. If the returned results are not good enough then the user making the search may switch to another search provider. To retain as many users as possible search engines constantly work on their algorithms which are used to determine how a website should rank. This means that when building authority to your website it must be done in a natural manner, this means a lot of time must be invested by the SEO company. Q7PY2TCKUTBR

SEO companies that are using automated and spam techniques will often result in an undesirable outcome for your SEO campaign. Instead of carefully and tactically building authority back to your website some online companies, mostly located in India, will take one piece of content and then using software they will spin this one piece of content into hundreds of different variations to put through out the internet. Now one of the main reasons why this is bad for you is because software that spins the articles (effectively re-writing them) usually does a very poor job, so when a real person is reading this content and sees you company associated with a horrible piece of content it will not look good for your brand image.

Another widely used technique from these nasty SEO companies is the use of automatic submissions, this means they will take one piece of content, spin it into 100′s of versions and then use another piece of software to automatically submit this article and the spun versions through out the web, most of the times to poor low authority sites that aren’t going to contribute any decent amount of authority back into your website. This is spamming, and the only result if any is a brief boost in ranking before your site get penalized.

Most of these primary Indian SEO companies will use email spam in order to attract new business, this in itself should set off alarm bells as this probably means they can’t even generate decent results for themselves from effective SEO, if that’s the case how how are they going to do it for you?

But beware, these problems don’t just exist for online Indian companies, we’ve spoken to local companies here in Bangkok who in the past have hired SEO companies who have not only provided very poor results, they also took down all the links built through out the campaign down for the client after the client canceled their services. So essentially the business hiring the SEO firm has paid for nothing. Another problem that plagues other SEO companies here is when you look at their client list (if proudly displayed on their website) you’ll see competing businesses in the same industry all using the same SEO company. Due the the nature of SEO and trying to rank one website high for a popular keyword that every other site in the same industry wants, this doesn’t work!

It is not all doom and gloom, with the right SEO partners you can have real authority built back to your website which will result in higher rankings and all that comes with dominating search engine result pages. Stay tuned for my next blog post which will be how to hire the perfect SEO company for you.

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