Sunway University Website

Sunway University Website

Being a large and well known top 2% in the world university, Sunway University's old website was lacking in many areas. It was hard to navigate, content was not presented well, and call-to-actions were not clear. It did not just have problems on the front-end, but in the back- end, it was difficult for users to update content and create new pages.

After much planning and designing, we re-developed their website into a beautiful, but functional Drupal 9 website, later upgrading to Drupal 10. The website takes advantage of all advanced Drupal functionality such as powerful indexed search for a number of different content types, powerful user management with content moderation, thus allowing for content to only be shown when approved by appropriate moderators. It also takes advantage of Drupal’s well renowned enterprise level security hardening.

The website was launched in July 2023 and by August 2023 saw a 72% increase in inquiries.


Powered by Drupal 10

The Sunway University website was designed and developed by Marketing Bangkok on Drupal 10 content management system.


The the website is fully responsive and supports all screen sizes and resolutions.

Fast & Accessible

All our projects are tested against Google's Lighthouse tool. This website scored 94/100 on desktop and 93/100 on mobile for performance, high scores despite high amount of content and graphics.

Safe & Secure

The website utilizes a number of enhanced security policies, such as Two-Factor login, Password Policy, and custom security headers which to prevent a number of exploits attackers may use to harm the website.