What are the benefits of taking this course?

First, this course will prepare anyone with basic computer knowledge to become proficient in SEO and SEM.

Second, all attendees will receive ongoing support for 12 months after taking the course.

Third, each attendee will receive the complete coure book which contains all of the course materal and examples.

Fourth, as part of the course, each attendee will produce a complete online marketing plan that can be used by his or her company exactly as written. The third day of the course is dedicated exclusively to this and with the help and guidance of the instructors, each attendee will create a customized online marketing plan that will meet the specific needs of each client company. This is a very valuable benefit and will allow the client company to immediately begin executing their online marketing efforts.

LAST, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, each client company will receive a copy of the latest updated version of the database of websites that the course trainers use to promote and market their own clients' websites. This database is unique in Thailand and contains over 150 websites that are the best in the world to carry out online marketing of all types.