What are the basic details about the course?

The training course is divided up into 11 specific areas of instruction as can be seen on the Course Schedule page. These 11 topics are the most important that anyone proficient in SEO and SEM should be well-versed in. They offer a complete and well-rounded education in SEO and SEM and will prepare each person to be self-sufficient when they return to their company. The course takes three days to complete with classes starting at 9:00 in the morning and ending at 4 PM. The three days are divided up into classroom lectures and hands-on sessions. This is a very important aspect of this training course. People do not sit and listen to lectures all day. There is a one-hour lecture and question-and-answer session followed by a one-hour hands-on session during which each person has the opportunity to practice the concepts they just learned. The third day, each student will prepare a complete online marketing plan for his or her company which will be reviewed and refined by the instructors and the student. This marketing plan will be ready for the student to implement upon completion of the course.