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Search Engine Optimization

Since 2009 the Marketing Bangkok team has been running successful Search Engine Optimization campaigns for clients locally and across the world. During this time we have perfected our proven SEO campaign strategies, generating top rankings for important keywords, resulting in not only more website traffic but more sales and leads. Our campaigns focus on delivering business changing results.

With a higher conversion rate over paid traffic and other mediums, organic search traffic is highly valued and contested. Getting a top 10 placing is vital for any measurable results but very rare to happen organically, this is why industries big and small have all invested in having SEO as a core medium within their marketing plan.

Not all SEO campaigns are created equally. SEO work is time intensive and relies heavily on expertise and experience. There is no easy way to the top, and with ever changing search engine algorithms used to determine website rankings, finding the right qualified company is essential. With a proven track record spanning more than 4 years, Marketing Bangkok is the unquestionable best choice.

Search Engine Optimization campaigns with Marketing Bangkok

Keyword Research

We will help you find the right keywords, break them down and provide the statistics on local & international searches per month. From these statistics, we will help you choose a selection of keywords that would best benefit your website if a high ranking was achieved.

Compettitor Analysis

There is no better way to start and SEO campaign than by researching what your top competitors are up to. This allows us to see where they are getting their authority from and what keywords that they're targeting. Using this research contributes to how we will eventually overcome them.

Proven Result

Since 2009 Marketing Bangkok has been generating successful results for clients of all industries. You only need to look at our portfolio to see for yourself.

White Hat Work High Quality Marketing

Our SEO work is ethical and strictly follows Google’s webmaster policies. Each campaign managed by Marketing Bangkok is strategically put together and executed through our own research, knowledge and man hours.

Monthly Reporting

We provide detailed monthly reporting so you can monitor and understand how well your SEO campaign is progressing. These reports include work break down, traffic and search ranking analysis.

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