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Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click

Running pay-per-click ads with Google’s advertising platform, AdWords is a great, yet affordable way to drive qualified targeted traffic into your website. Whilst it may seem simple to setup, it is difficult to fine tune and get the most for your money. That is where Marketing Bangkok comes in. As a Google Certified Partner Company with many years of experience, we’re qualified to ensure you get the highest return on investment whilst running Google advertisements. AdWords disclosure notice.

What makes Marketing Bangkok truly exceptional?

  • First foreign owned & run Google Certified Partner in Bangkok.
  • Multiple Google AdWords Qualified Professionals.
  • Ability to create, manage and optimize campaigns for both English and Thai language.
  • In-house team of graphic designers and programmers to work on landing pages and advertisement design.

How does Marketing Bangkok mange your AdWords Campaign?

Keyword Research & Optimization

We will help you find the right keywords, break them down and provide the statistics on local & international searches per month. From these statistics, we will help you choose a selection of keywords that would best benefit your website if a high ranking was achieved.


Our campaigns are targeted to reach specific regions and demographics that are relevant to our clients businesses. This attention to ad targeting ensures that your ads are being seen by the right people and allows us to track how our ads perform in different locations.

Settings / Experiments

Our AdWords campaign management doesn't end after deployment. We're always looking for new opportunities to increase our clients ROI by making both calculated and experimental campaign adjustments.

Site Optimization

AdWords Campaigns are only as effective as their landing web pages. Marketing Bangkok has a skilled team of not only online marketers but web and graphic designers. This allows us the ability to make changes on the fly to our clients campaign pages.

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