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12 October 2010

This post will be very useful for those who are about to or are currently managing their own Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on Google AdWords. Many businesses do manage their own AdWords campaigns in-house and simply don’t know what they’re doing and end up wasting their money while getting poor ROI.

Now there is a lot of things to consider when doing your own Google Adwords campaign but for this post i’d like to share just one of the many mistakes people make, please observe the picture below:


03 August 2010

For as long as there have been search engines, there has been SEO (search engine optimization). SEOs are people who try to manipulate the free organic search engine results for their website by performing different techniques both on their website and off their website. The sole reason to performing search engine optimization is to achieve higher free organic rankings and to get more exposure for a particular website. A whole industry has developed around this process, and there are various SEO companies of all sizes throughout the world.

Achieving a top 10 ranking on a search engine for a popular keyword that relates to your business can mean a surge in traffic and new ...

13 November 2009

Online marketing in Bangkok is a relatively new trend as most Bangkok-area business people have been slow to realize that their websites are becoming more and more important in terms of bringing in business. While this may seem a bit strange to people in more developed countries, it is nevertheless the reality here in Thailand.

Because of this, the entire SEO and online marketing industry here is very small and not very advanced. A survey of company websites that purport to be SEO and online marketing consultants will quickly illustrate that almost every one ...