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04 December 2010

Check out the new updates to our Internet Marketing & SEO blog. We’re probably one of the very few SEO companies in Bangkok, Thailand that regularly updates and maintains a blog that actually contains useful information and observations. I hope you liked our last couple of pieces on Google AdWords!

Whilst working on other projects it is sometimes hard to set time aside for our own website, especially since we always give 100% to our clients. However it is always important to constantly stay on top of your website and try to always improve it. (this may be harder if you’re a smaller company without a full time webmaster.)

One of the ...

29 November 2010

(You really want to avoid taking these kind of emails seriously.)

If you have, or are considering exchanging links with someone that has contacted you via email for SEO purposes, then this is a must read post.

Everyday we get emails from other “webmasters” or “SEOS” wishing to exchange links with one of our many websites. The reason why they’re doing this is because they want to build back links into their website to improve their own Search Engine rankings. Now if you are not already aware, incoming links into your website play a vital role in search engine optimization and how your ...

19 November 2010

Are Your Throwing Money Away On PPC?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaigns are a great way to bring in tons of qualified traffic into a particle page on your website. We use Google AdWords for most of our clients and even for ourselves to help promote our 3 day SEO training course. Google AdWords is easy enough to setup and run but becomes much more complicated when it comes to getting the most out of your money. It’s very easy to incorrectly setup your campaign and waste your money, in fact almost every client and student who’s AdWords campaigns we’ve inspected are either setup ...