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09 May 2011

After personally using Google AdWords for nearly 4 years to advertise a variety of different clients and teaching students since October 2009 from our SEO training course how to effectively setup and manage their own AdWords campaigns, I have spent the last week to ...

04 April 2011

Google has now anouced it’s “+1″ button which will alow users to click +1 on content or search results that ...

07 March 2011

There has recently been an update to Google’s search algorithm. Google constantly tweaks and fine tunes its algorithm to produce higher quality search results based on a number of different factors. Some of the big factors included into the algorithm in recent times were the speed and load time of your website. Users who have made an effort to speed up there sites have noticed an increase in traffic as a result. In Google’s Caffeine update, we saw the introduction of Predictive Instant Search, and also how pages are indexed much faster, however led to a lot of spammy, content farm type sites been included.

Search Engine Optimization is a interesting dynamic industry to be in, ...