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16 August 2011

Search Engine Optimization is a constantly evolving industry and while search engine ranking algorithms get smarter, SEO gets harder, therefore choosing the right SEO company is essential. The sole purpose for search engines is to return the most accurate results and rankings when a user searches for different keywords. If the returned results are not good enough then the user making the search may switch to another search provider. To retain as many users as possible search engines constantly work on their algorithms which are used to determine how a website should rank. This means that when building ...

06 July 2011

Marketing Bangkok has successfully fulfilled all of the requirements to become a Google ...

10 June 2011

Nearly 1 year ago we launched the version 2 of our company website. A nice reboot that at the time I thought it’d last forever because I was so happy with the design but as time goes on and looking at the same website for more than 1 year you quickly grow a big list of things that you want to change to your website in-order to improve it and hopefully sales. This new version of MarketingBangkok.com is the third version of this website. It’s important to keep evolving and staying on top of things like maintaining and updating your website, if we had the same website we had 2 years ago then we would not be where we are at today. That said now our new site is done, it is time to allocate ...