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Keeping Your Website Up-To-Date

Check out the new updates to our Internet Marketing & SEO blog. We’re probably one of the very few SEO companies in Bangkok, Thailand that regularly updates and maintains a blog that actually contains useful information and observations. I hope you liked our last couple of pieces on Google AdWords!

Whilst working on other projects it is sometimes hard to set time aside for our own website, especially since we always give 100% to our clients. However it is always important to constantly stay on top of your website and try to always improve it. (this may be harder if you’re a smaller company without a full time webmaster.)

One of the biggest reasons for the recent changes to our blog’s look and feel is due to the amount of traffic coming into our blog, mostly from search engines. It’s important that our website best represents us as a company and that we do everything possible so when each and every visit to our website we make a good first impression, and keep a potential client’s interest.

You may remember a couple of posts ago about the updates to our SEO plans page, this has been especially helpful in generating new leads and making new clients! But we’re not done, we still have much more to improve on, always striving to keep bounce rate low and conversion % higher as you should be too. You should keep a good eye on your websites design and ease of use. Make notes and address them the next time work is scheduled for your website.

We’ll be incorporating more social media plugins into our blog again soon (first time messed with our RSS feed on the home page), we really appreciate your support!